Updated Guide for Submission Photos

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Updated Guide for Submission Photos

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As of late we have been receiving more and more poor quality photos with Dark Trial application photos. Photos that are taken in poor lighting, having a bunch of clutter around the applicant, and in general photos that just cannot be judged. Due to this I felt it was time to revisit the guidelines for proper Application Photos.

When submitting costume, not just to The Dark Empire but any of the clubs, it is expected that you submit certain photos:

1. Front
2. Left
3. Right
4. Back
5. Action Pose
6. Bucket/Mask Off
7. Belt
8. Boots
9. Weapon

Remember these are the photos you are submitting to gain admittance into the clubs so you should look your ABSOLUTE best in your costume for these photos (we understand at a troop the costume may shift and not look as good as it did in the photos). It is for the reason we recommend having a photographer and someone to help straighten out your costume for each pose.

That being said let’s break down the poses.

- Front: The front pose should be with your arms down beside you facing directly at the camera.
- Left: The left pose will have the left side of your body with your arms down facing the camera.
- Right: The right pose will have the right side of your body with your arms down facing the camera.
- Back: The Back post will have your back with your arms down facing the camera.
- Action Pose: In this pose you can have your weapon on you. Take a saber stance, or look like you are about to fire your blaster. Have a trading card looking pose in mind (not that you will use it for a trading card but we want to see how cool your costume is “in character”).
- Bucket/Mask Off: This is so we know that this is you. This will be a full body shot with your helmet or mask off.
- Belt: We need a close up shot of your belt so we can see details
- Boots: A close of up your boots. We want to be able to see if there are laces, zippers, etc. and if so are they hidden well enough to look “In Universe”.
- Weapon: Simple picture of just your weapon. For sabers we want to see the hilt, blasters we want to see the whole blaster.

Two points to consider as well.
1. You do not need you weapon in every picture. Keep it holstered or out of the picture. It takes away from the costume on any pose except the action pose.
2. If we suspect submission photos are photoshopped we will kick them back. We want to see your costume in all its Glory, including the flaws.

Keep in mind EVERY picture should be properly lighted. Natural sunlight works best! Keep all the clutter from inside your house out of view and try to avoid taking pictures in door frames. A solid color wall usually works best. Often times these photos are used to announce you as a member, do you want people to see how messy your home is?

Here are some examples of proper Submission Style Photos:
For this trial since the costumer does not wear a helmet or mask they were able to reuse the "front" pose as their "Mask Off" pose.

Now here are some Examples of poor quality submission photos:
Poor Left.jpeg
Poor Back.jpeg
With this trial you cannot see any details of the costume. Everything is too dark because of the bright light from outside shining inside. We also see the clutter from inside the applicants home. For the Action shot they put together a collage of photos from galaxies edge, which are cool, but a no where near judgable. Remember trading cardesque photos for your action shot.
This is another example of a bad Action Pose. Because the lights are off the and the light saber is on all the detail of the costume is lost. KEEP YOUR LIGHTSABERS OFF FOR SUBMISSION PHOTOS PLEASE! (sorry for caps but it needs to be emphasized). If you chose to use your action pose for a trading card the lightsaber effect can be added in later without taking away from showcasing your costume.

Here is what we are looking for in "action pose" photos:
If you have any questions about your submission photos please feel free to reach out to a member of the Inquisitor Team on the "Ask the Inquisitors" forum (viewforum.php?f=195) or message any member of your leadership team for guidance.
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