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Signing up to the forums part 2

PostPosted:Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:10 am
by Darth Rokahn
FYI: it looks like if you sign up to the forums and it detects an invalid email address it will deactivate your ID.

So please do not attempt to change the email address to an email that does not belong to you and/or is not valid. There are times (very rarely) that we have to send an email alert to everyone to important changes.

Now if you want to change your email address to another one that belongs to you, like some people have specific email boxes for hobbies, work, etc. That's fine. It may require us to re-verify your account but if we can see it's a valid account that belongs to you then it shouldn't be a problem. Example: may be a valid account but it doesn't belong to anyone here or even an individual person.